Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finally, RBI takes Charge !

RBI has raised the repo rate by an unexpected 50 basis points today. This is the first time the central bank has taken a bold stand in the past one and a half years or so in which inflation has been galloping almost uncontrolled. It is sad to recall that the central bank has been treating the ever rising inflation with kid gloves and it even seemed that the Bank is not in control of the situation. But the tragedy is that the lethargy at the RBI has lead to a situation where the higher inflation has become entrenched in the economy and it may require even higher rates to remedy the situation. 

Even if it is rhetorical, some firm interest rate action at the start of the rising inflation curve would have been more effective than the initial eye in the sand mode in which it operated initially. The shock and awe of such an initial strong action would have created lesser hassles than the late in the cycle tightening which will lead to more damage to the long term economic growth.
Yeah, the latest RBI action once again forces one to recall the wisdom in the old saying !  Yeah, it says ' a stitch in time saves nine !'        

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