Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Ultimate Momentum Signal for Position Trading Nifty Futures & Options
This blog by momentumsignal will discuss position trading of the Nifty Futures and Options in the Indian markets  using The Ultimate Momentum Signal for Nifty Futures, a proprietary multi-factor trading signal and and it's risk management rules. The The Ultimate Momentum Signal and the  risk management rules were invented after a research of more than ten years.

This blog will also comment about markets, trading, risk management etc occasionally.

This blog will assume that the reader is reasonably acquainted with futures and option trading.
My journey of trading the futures and options as a full time independent trader started six years ago. I've also made all possible mistakes in trading except the creation of extremely big and unmanageable positions.

And this exciting journey of the untamed land of capitalism, the world of leveraged Futures and Options is still continuing........!

My own creation, 'The Ultimate Momentum Signal' which combines some selected technical indicators and oscillators in to a single signal with different weights and its' accompanying rules has saved me from all kinds of trading disasters. Now I am sharing the simple rules which kept me in the trading game where at least ninety per cent of the participants won't last more than six months!  'The Ultimate Momentum Signal' is calculated using a spreadsheet and the the front page of the spreadsheet showing the updated signal will be published daily on this blog for the benefit of other traders.
You are welcome to ask any questions about risk and position management rules in the published google document and the spreadsheet accessible from the links below.

Cheers and Prosperous Trading!!!!
You can access the five year history of the ‘Ultimate Momentum Signal with S&P Nifty’ from the following links. Please paste the links in your browser’s address bar and press enter.





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